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Padraig  Parle


  • Batchelor of Arts in Fine Art DIT 2001

  • Higher Diploma in Primary Education Froebel College Blackrock 2003

  • Master’s Degree in Visual Arts Practices Institute of Art and Design Technology IADT Dun Laoghaire 2011

  • Post graduate Diploma in Learning Support and Special Educational Needs Church of Ireland College of Education Rathmines 2012

  • Master’s Degree in Education Trinity College Dublin 2014

Solo Shows

  • "The Cellar" Wexford Arts Centre 2003 Wexford Opera Festival

  • "Land of the Living" Origin Gallery 2006 Harcourt Street Dublin

  • "Touch the Sky" Urban Retreat Gallery 2007 Hanover Quay Dublin

  • “Under A Molten Sky” Origin Gallery 2008 Harcourt Street Dublin

  • "Barren Empire” Origin Gallery 2011 Harcourt Street Dublin

  • “Triangulation”. Origin Gallery 2018 Fitzwilliam Square Dublin

  • “New Work” Kamera 8 Gallery. Rowe St. Wexford.


Group Shows

·       2000 Temple Bar Galleries Dublin– DIT Group Show

·       2001 The Blue Leaf Gallery Dublin – Christmas Show

·       2001 Temple Bar Galleries Dublin– DIT Graduate Show

·       2003 Origin Gallery  DUblin- Christmas & Summer Shows

·       2003 - 2005 The Blue Leaf Gallery Dublin- Christmas and Summer Shows

·       2003 Cill Rialaig Gallery – Group show

·       2005 The Hallward Gallery Dublin – Summer Show

·       2006 The Tramyard Gallery Dublin – Group Show

·       2008 & 2009 Adams Contemporary and Modern Art

·       2009 The Lab Foley St Dublin –“ Public Gesture” (IADT and The Dutch Art Institute)

·       2010 The Lab Foley St Dublin – “Pirate Capital”

·       2019 Greenacres Wexford. Opera Festival Art Exhibition.


Cill Rialaig Co. Kerry, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2011, 2017


Office of Public Works, Office of the Attorney General, Muckross Hotel, The Bank of New York




David Hockney states that there are three essential components required in order to create good art; the eye, the hand and the heart. These three elements of equal importance are the starting point for my paintings.




The eye: Art is Visual. Whether you are looking at painting, sculpture or installation art is consumed by the eye. We derive pleasure from looking and seeing, and good art in my view needs to be visually arresting, hold the viewer’s attention and be pleasing to look at. Since the first cave drawings, there has been something uniquely human about our innate desire to communicate our experiences visually and it is something we will always continue to do.


The hand: I feel that the first criticism cast at art that people do not like or understand is; “Anybody could do that”! The hand refers to the artist’s skill, craftsmanship and handling of the materials. I feel that art should show the viewer a technical ability of the artist, which is not attainable to all.


The heart: As a painter I hope to create an emotional connection with the viewer. I feel this is no different to an author or song writer or any other form of communication. The emotional connection is important however it is unrealistic to think that this connection can be made with everybody. If a painting is too pristine and polished and perfect I feel it loses its character and its humanity and therefore the potential for an empathetic response from viewers. I try entice this sort of response through the creation of a mood in my work which is achieved through the three visual elements of spatial organisation, colour and texture.


Abstract art is something that tends to require some conceptual justification. In other words, why have I decided to paint triangles over every other type of subject matter? Firstly I use triangles as a physical incarnation of the eye, hand and heart concept. Secondly I use the three visual elements of spatial organisation, colour and texture to create a painting. The aim of this painting is for these three visual elements to coexist in harmony to create a visual chord which is pleasing to the eye, in the same way a musical chord of three notes is pleasing to the ear. I find abstract art so special, as it is universal and accessible to all regardless of experience or cultural background.


People have said that there is a spiritual dimension to my work and I acknowledge that although it is unintentional. I strive for the colours and shapes in my works to coexist and achieve peace and balance which is the objective of many faiths, however the structures in my paintings are secular and can be enjoyed by all regardless of faith or personal belief systems. Padraig Parle