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Fidelma Massey
Artists’ Statement

I believe that art should have a function. In the past, art has been in service to religion and spirituality, and has produced astonishing works, from the Gothic cathedrals of Europe and the temples of India, to cult images of deities from all around the world.

 For me, art, at its best, expresses and makes manifest that which is non material. It must draw on imagination and inner vision, and it is not enough that it should deal only in decorative or material values.


I love Gothic art, and you will find many references to church carvings in my work, and to the infinity of mythical beasts that inhabit Gothic cathedrals.

I particularly love hybrids, beasts that are neither one thing, or the other; a man who is also a bird, a woman who is a tree; deliberately ambiguous images, hair that might be water, or branches. You will find images of the egg in nearly every one of my works, for me they express the unknown, total potential.

I am from Ireland, but have lived in England for the last few years. I have practised meditation for 30 years, and could not live without its’ peace and deep nourishment, which feed directly into my work.


‘It is our nature to be natural,

There is no division between ourselves and Her ,

But we forget…….

I made this as a prayer

For all of us who wander

On the cold periphery.

That she may bring us back

To the heart.’


I wrote this 30 years ago, and it is still true. Fidelma Massey